Hack For Change is a community of developers, software engineers and other like minded individuals, focused on solving specific problem statements proposed by social and governmental organisations, using emerging technologies.

As a community-driven social organization, we focus on building technology for various problems across social issues like public health, women empowerment, civic engagement etc. We rely on organizations with deep domain expertise to educate and inspire the tech-for-good community.

We also conduct regular awareness campaigns, hackathons and other engagement activities to bring all the aspiring contributors, other non-profits together and inspire them to leverage technology in the right way. Only through sustained contributions from the whole community can we achieve the goal of sustainable development using technology.

HackForChange Foundation is a Section 8 non-profit registered under the Companies Act of 2013.

Meet Our Team

logo Srinivas Aki

Srinivas Aki Program Director

Leads the complete hackforchange, including its vision, outreach and program execution

logo Anand Chitipothu

Anand Chitipothu Solution Architect

Leads the development effort, along with community of developers from cities and colleges

logo Suman Tyaagi

Suman TyaagiProgram Manager

Manages the overall success of the program, including partner outreach, community building.

logo Sambit Mohanty

Sambit MohantyEngineering Lead

Leads our online platform development, and co-ordinates contributions from community.

logo Abhijit Bhat

Abhijit BhatProgram Co-Ordinator

Maanges the underpinnings of the program by working closely with the internal team.

logo Shruti Pandey

Shruti PandeyCommunity Co-Ordinator

Leads the community effort for hack for change and all its outreach channels

logo Vedang Matey

Vedang Matey Partnership Manager

Leads the strategic partnership with other organizations and co-ordinates product delivery.

logo Reyhan

Reyhan Tamang Product Design

Research & Design solutions for our own innovations and other social problem statements.

logo Aasrita

Aasrita GajulaGraphic Design

Building a brand across all our channels, including website, social and print.

logo Subhash

Subhash Meena Software Developer

Developing our online platform using Python & Django Frameworks.

Leverage Technology


Technology is the right lever for social change. Our long term view of solving the problems and addressing the root causes using technology is a more definitive solution to the social problems.

Technology-driven systemic solutions are 100x more impactful compared to investing in short term charity.

Solve real problems


Our idea is to lean on the organizations that have been in the trenches and build real solutions to the problems in an even more realistic way. Problem statements are submitted by partner organizations with deep domain expertise across various domains including public health, women empowerment, civic engagement etc.

By working closely with the social organizations we are creating solutions to the actual problems faced by these organizations and also solutions that capture their years of experience.

Engage the whole community


Planned projects are executed through a community of college students and individual contributors across coding, design and other related activities. Only by leveraging the whole community, we hope to scale our efforts to affect social change.

Our continued efforts to engage, inspire, educate and connect the contributor community with the non-profit community creates a thriving tech-for-good community, razor-focused on solving some of the pressing issues in India.

Build long-lasting solutions


Unlike other free and open-source efforts, our projects are designed by our core team, based on the problem statements. Solutions built are actively promoted and advertised to ensure continuous adoption.

Our approach is to minimize throwaway solutioning and create long-lasting solutions so that the contributions of the community are channelized and utilized in the right manner.

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Problem Statement Identification

Our partner organizations with deep domain expertise suggest problem statements and a possible solution to the issues that can be solved by leveraging technology.

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Solutioning And Planning

Our core team of technologists and social scientists evaluate the problem statement, analyze effectiveness of the proposed solution, and devise a way forward.

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Contributors Join HFC Community

Individuals from technical, design and management backgrounds, students as well as working professionals join the HackForChange community.

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Project Planning & Groundwork

Our core team of project co-ordinators along with the leadership team, define a product roadmap and create an execution plan.

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Collaborative Execution

Based on the defined product roadmap and the project plan, solution is developed through community of contributors at college level or city level.

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