Hack For Change is a community of developers, software engineers and other like minded individuals, focused on solving specific problem statements proposed by social and governmental organisations, using emerging technologies.

Meet Our Team


Srinivas Aki Program Manager

Leads the complete hackforchange, including its vision, outreach and program execution

Durga Raghavapurapu

Durga Raghavapurapu Engineering Lead

Leads the development effort, along with community of developers from cities and colleges

Sambit Mohanty

Sambit MohantyEngineering

Leads the core hack for change platform development, along with contributions from the community

Suman Tyaagi

Suman TyaagiCommunity Outreach

Getting people inspired and joining hands to work together on our platform

Shabana Syed

Shabana Syed Visual Design

Leads the design effort for hack for change and all its outreach channels

Shruti Pandey

Shruti PandeyCommunity Manager

Leads the community effort for hack for change and all its outreach channels

Solve real problems


Our idea is to lean on the organizations that have been in the trenches and build real solutions to the problems in an even more realistic way. Problem statements are submitted by partner organisations with deep domain expertise.

Engage the whole community


Planned projects are executed to through community of colleges and city chapters. Only by leveraging the whole community of developers, we hope to scale our efforts to effect social change.

Build long-lasting solutions


Unlike other free and open source efforts, our projects are designed by our core team of members, based on the problem statements. Solutions built are actively promoted and advertised to ensure continuous adoption.


Problem Statement Identification

Our partner organizations with deep domain expertise suggest problem statements and a possible solution to the issues that can be solved by leveraging technology.


Solutioning And Planning

Our core team of technologists and social scientists evaluate the problem statement, analyze effectiveness of the proposed solution, and devise a way forward.


Contributors Join HFC Community

Developers and designers from various colleges and cities join the HackForChange community at a college center level or a city chapter level based on their availability.


Project Planning & Groundwork

Our core team of project co-ordinators along with the leadership team, define a product roadmap and create an execution plan.


Collaborative Execution

Based on the defined product roadmap and the project plan, solution is developed through community of contributors at college level or city level.

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