Cyber Security awareness for everyone

Date & Time

Feb. 19, 2022, 2 p.m. - Feb. 19, 2022, 3:30 p.m.


Online, Google Meet

Issue Area


Cyber Security is a global phenomenon representing a complex socio-technical challenge for governments but requiring the involvement of individuals. Although Cyber Security is one of the most critical challenges businesses face today, visibility and public awareness remains limited. Almost everybody has heard of Cyber Security. However, the urgency and behaviour of persons do not reflect a high level of understanding.

The internet is considered a safe environment for sharing information, transactions and controlling the physical world. Yet, cyber wars are already ongoing, and there is an urgent need to be better prepared. This talk will discuss some of the important security best practices to follow towards the day-to-day usage of the internet (browsing, emails, digital payments, etc.) and internet-connected devices.

Speaker’s Point of View

Seeing friends and relatives falling into the traps of phishing emails, using/reusing weak passwords, running outdated software/applications, and posting personally identifiable information on social media. I felt there was a lack of awareness in society in terms of protecting data security and privacy. Moreover, I was alarmed after reading a report by Cybint that said, "Human error is the cause of up to 95% of Cyber Security breaches. With simple awareness training courses, this number can be dramatically reduced." Thus, I genuinely believe that learning how to stay cyber secure is the need of the hour, and through educating ourselves and our peers, we can remain safe from the rising cyber-attacks.


In this interactive session we will:

02:00 PM - Learn about the HackForChange platform and the Speaker

02:15 PM - Learn about secure internet

02:45 PM - Learn the best practices to follow in cyberspace

03:15 PM - Q & A session with the Speaker

About the speaker

Devang Jain is from IIT, Goa. He is a CompTIA Security + Certified Specialist and the founding member of the InfoSec Club of IIT, Goa.

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