How to build web-app with minimal coding

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Jan. 22, 2022, 2 p.m. - Jan. 22, 2022, 4 p.m.


Online, Google Meet

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No-Code / Low-Code platforms are the easiest way for organisations to build fully functioning workflows, landing pages and other tools necessary for furthering their own mission, sustainability and outreach.

In this free workshop, we will give you a high-level overview of low-code Frappe Framework, with a focus on possible use-cases, quick run-through of building a simple web app, and also limitations and possibilities of using such a low-code framework.

What is low-code / no-code?


No-code development is a platform used for building applications using a visual development interface in a quickly and efficient way so that organisations / technologists can quickly visualise and idealise a working Website or a mobile application.

Low-code development leverages building blocks necessary to quickly solve common problems involved in end-end application development by abstracting out the commonalities into re-usable components. With a minimal coding experience developers can quickly put together working applications.


Why should we use it?

  • Allows developers to make changes easily
  • It is easy to drag and drop the functionality of the application
  • It allows developers to work efficiently without any risk


  • Less cost
  • Reduces burden and requires less efforts
  • Easy to create applications
  • Maintainance is easy
  • Requires less developers (small team)

Leading low-code development platforms as of late 2020 include those from AppSheet, Oracle, Nintex, OutSystems, Appian, Quick Base, and more. Several tech giants have also jumped into the low-code space, with Microsoft offering PowerApps, IBM having its Automation Platform, and Amazon launching Honeycode in 2020.

Take-Aways For Non-Profit Leaders

As a non-profit leader, program managers you would be able to understand how to quickly put together a website or a mobile app for you day to day needs, rather than relying on full-fledged software development team.

Take-Aways For Technology Enthusiasts

As a technology enthusiast (student, working professional) you would understand the technical possibilities and limitations of such a framework to quickly build a functioning information system, without an end-to-end development using run-of-the-mill MVC Frameworks like Django/Ruby on Rails/MERN etc.


About The Speaker

Anand Chitipothu, leads FOSS United's efforts in open source technology adoption and building Mon.School, a collaborative course platform built using Frappe.

About FOSS United

FOSS United is a Free and Open Source Software Advocacy firm focused on encouraging open source adoption and community driven efforts using their own tools.

About Frappe

Frappe is a framework for developers to build data driven web applications, using Python, Javascript and Maria DB. As a low-code framework, Frappe developers can quickly build full functional web applications by defining the domain data models using meta-data, defining transactions and the needed UI interactions.


In this 2 hour session, you will understand the 

02:00PM Overview of Low-Code / No-Code Frameworks

02:30PM Comparison with Traditional Frameworks.

02:45PM Overview of the Problem Statement (We will be picking one of the problem statements commonly faced by    all the non-profit organisations in India)

03:00PM A hands-on workshop on building a functioning website using Frappe

03:45PM Q & A ( Ask the speaker about how he built Mon.School using Frappe Framework itself)


Basic understanding of web application development using MVC or non-MVC Frameworks. If you are feeling adventurous please install and have your systems so that you can code-along with the speaker.

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