Child Empowerment

Creating an environment conducive for every child to live and grow as a happy, educated and healthy person is very important. Ensuring this is achieved is critical.

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Children are future of the nation. With ever growing population of India, it becomes vital to ensure all the children are strong column of nation building. 

Child empowerment is about making children feel valued, capable and making them realize their worth in this world. It does not mean that children should make unsupervised life decisions and have a say over everything. Of course, their development needs to learn to work within rules set by their parents, teachers, authorities, etc.

Child Empowerment in Indian Context

Right from young age children are dependent on their surrounding environment. A child with good educational facilities, medical facilities, love and protection, will grow up to be much stronger and confident. Such an adult is a asset to a nation.

On the other hand, a child with abusive environment and no educational or medical facilities may end up becoming a unhappy, underconfident adult. 

While on the face of it education and health are major issues, on a deeper level India is also facing issues like, harassment, child labor, trafficking.

Many NGOs and organizations are working in order to change and improve the situation.

Technology and Child Empowerment

Leveraging technology, a lot of these problems can be solved.

Online education has opened new horizons while digitalization has improved reach of medical facilities. Data can be used to prevent various illegal exploitation. 

Training parents can also help in improving the environment at home for a child and making him a happy, healthy and a confident person.

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