Disaster Management

Disaster management is the response of the community to deal with the human, material, economic or environmental impacts of any disaster.

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Disaster is a problem that occurs for a long or a short duration of time. It is a disaster since it affects the human life drastically causing loss of human lives as well as economic, material and environmental damage.

These disasters are usually huge enough to cope up with easily. For instance, outbreak of Covid-19 was a huge disaster. A pandemic that affected human lives on different levels. Some times there is a distinction between the kind of disaster it is. It can be a natural disaster like landslides or flood. It can be man made disaster like a War or pollution. At times it can be quite complex like food scarcity, epidemic, pandemics like covid-19.

Disaster Management in Indian Context

Disaster management activities are practiced in order to minimize the impact that a disaster has. It can be on different level.

It can be Risk reduction:
By reducing risk of causing a disaster we can reduce the destructive effect a disaster has on the planet. Risk reduction can be on community level, organizational level, Governmental level or worldwide. 

Then there is Preparedness:
Data, weather reports etc. can be used to understand future disasters that can occur. By doing this we can rehabilitate and manage the effects in a better way.

Lastly there is Recovery:
An inevitable disaster can have impact and may cause need for medical help, safety and rehabilitation help, food and other basic amenities requirement and much more. Bringing back the life of people after a disaster to normalcy is the recovery side of a disaster

Technology and Disaster Management

Importance of technology has been growing year on year to help prevent disaster or worse recover from one. Being able to rapidly create and then manufacture and deliver a covid vaccine is a good example. 

With AI, ML and NLP, and availability of a lot of data we can predict future events in much better ways. We can also use technology and innovation to reduce its risk.

Sensors and new systems as well as advancing technological innovations can help us better manage a disaster. Thus technology is a tool that can solve a lot of Disaster Management issues.

Various startups as well as NGOs and other organizations are doing work in this direction.

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