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Every member of society deserves health facilities and healthy life and use of technology can drastically improve this landscape of Public health.

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Health is physical, mental or social wellbeing, according to WHO. Public health systems ensure we achieve this goal of overall well being. Public health is different from clinical health systems which are basically targeted to specific individual health, Public health on other hand is on the population level.

Public health is usually classified into three major segments.

  • Prevention - before health issues occur, can be awareness, vaccination etc.

  • Promotion - promoting better health behaviors, improving other social determinants like education and infrastructure.

  • Protection - controlling diseases, managing health emergencies etc.

Public health takes into consideration unhealthy as well as healthy people and tries to improve in all the segments for providing a healthy lifestyle for all humans.

Public Health in Indian Context

India is the second most populated country in the world. Public health becomes important in India with the current situation of 5 beds per 10000 Indians and 8.6 doctors per 10,000 Indians. The scope and opportunities both are high with an ever-increasing population. Life expectancy in India is 69.7 years. 

There is scope and opportunity in improving these numbers and technology can be used to drastically improve the state of Indian Public health.

Technology and Public Health

Technological advancements are the biggest factor in improving Public health conditions around the globe. Wearable devices, personalized treatments, telehealth technologies and much more are revolutionizing the Public health space with technology.

Given the scope in India for improvements in the sector, there have been a few startups like Netmeds, Practo, Pharmeasy, Healthkart etc.

A lot at the same time can be done using community-driven technological initiatives and voluntary contributions and projects.

Problem Statements

Create an online platform to connect volunteer doctors, with patients in need

Given the ability to connect with a doctor directly, patients from villages and towns can reach out more expert volunteer doctors across the country and seek out help.


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