Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is when we reduce negative impacts on nature cause by human actions, thus mitigating climate change and its effects on life.

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Climate change is real and its impact on nature and in turn on human beings and other living beings is evident. Increased temperature, increased air pollution, water pollution, extravagant amounts of plastic and other waste are all effects of the unsustainable lifestyle of humans.

Sustainable development simply means living and making development while considering other living organisms as well as future generations. Human beings together can do this only if united efforts are put into achieving sustainable living. While Governments are working towards SDG and setting limits on fossil fuel usage, community efforts are very important.

Various actions are needed to be practiced with complete urgency and emergency like using renewable energy, practicing organic regenerative farming, eating plant-rich diets, reducing plastic and inorganic waste, reducing individual transportation modes, incorporating sustainable building models etc.

Sustainable Living in Indian Context

In India, various aspects can be improved to tackle climate change and practice sustainable living. 

India is a highly populated country and hence has a large number of vehicles per household usage which can be limited by moving to public transport, electric vehicles and cycles. 

Indian forest cover is rapidly depleting and is the leading reason for increased temperature in the region. Planting more trees needs to be a mission.

On the energy front, India has a good amount of sunlight that can be harvested to create solar energy. However, a lot of storage technology and research in the same is needed for improving the span of energy availability. At the same time, vast ocean cover can provide India with Hydro energy.

India receives rainfall almost 4 months of a year and at the same time faces scarcity of water. This can be prevented by practicing rainwater harvesting.

Reducing and banning plastic and practicing cleanliness can improve health and reduce pollution to a large extent.

While these are a few guidelines the scope is huge and technology can make good use of the scope and build restructuring India for sustainable life.

Technology and Sustainable Living

Technology can act as a backbone in achieving sustainable living goals. Be it an electric car, better materials, better architecture and building, better use of natural resources and electricity. Technology can become the driving force for Sustainable Living.

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Build a platform to incentivize more organizations to buy and sell their water credits.

Akin to Carbon Credit Trading, We propose Water Credit Trading as a way to incentivize more water saving and liquidity around such saved credits.


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