Create a low-cost training/conferencing device to easily engage ground level activists and other volunteer teams


Guria India's awareness and empowerment campaigns are organized across 500 different villages and around 20 to 30 women per village. On a regular basis they face problems with scaling their efforts using one to one conferencing solutions like Zoom and Google Meet. 

Also given the poor connectivity of the villages and smartphone affordability as well, technology that help them co-ordinate these campaigns/training sessions in a better way would help to scale their mission in a better way.

Background Information

Guria is non-profit organization that is both dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second generation prostitution, and sex trafficking in India.

As a grass roots level organization, we are actively involved in educating, training and co-ordinating various programs that can empower the local women. Through these regular awareness campaigns we ensure continuous engagement, education and security of the women.

Proposed Solution

Create a hardware solution similar to the high end conferencing solutions that can help volunteers on the ground co-ordinate an interactive presentation between the villagers and the subject matter experts.

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Work In Progress

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