Create a way for well-intended funding organizations to channel their contributions towards the rightful fund seekers in a transparent and compliant way.


Building a platform to transparently connect and channel CSR money would transform the way social and non-profit organizations approach their sustainability.

Background Information

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a well intended compliance framework by the Govt of India is usually circumvented by the middle-aggregators and the so-called consultants by taking the bigger commission out of the funding.

Also, fledgeling social enterprises and other well-intended non-profit organizations have to establish credibility even before they can actually do some good.

Proposed Solution

Build an online platform to formalise and connect well intended funders and funding seekers on a single platform. May be a website, where organizations can signup and talk about their focus areas, available funding and their selection criteria. Same way, social organizations can reach out to CSR funds focused on their area of commitment and better align their sustainable goals.

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Submitted By: Ekam Eco Solutions
Issue Area: ['Ecological Sanitation', ' Sustainable Living'] ['Ecological Sanitation', ' Sustainable Living']

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