Provide a way to help women to move freely without constant security concerns.


Idea is to find a technology driven solution, that can help women to feel secure and move around freely. As we understand various apps have implemented ways to send a stress signal, either by using hardware or using a deliberate trigger. What happens when lady herself is not able to even trigger a stress signal. We suggest to find a way that can auto-magically trigger the stress signal based on understanding of standard and odd behavior.

Background Information

Inspired by things like sharing location on whatsapp and google friend tracker, we are proposing a dedicated way to tackle this problem. May be this can help women feel safer, even when they are not thinking about it.

Proposed Solution

Create a mobile application that can help, women to let specific friends or family members keep track of their movements and understand day to day movement patterns. Based on that the app can notify designated individuals whenever it detects a stress pattern or any odd behavior.

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