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Guardian Angel is a cross-platform mobile application built using Flutter to enable a way for Women, to assign their family / friends as Guardian Angels and let them follow their whereabouts.

As a mobile native application, we hope Guardian Angel to be the go-to app for Women to rely on, without compromising their own privacy. 



Goal is to enable a less intrusive, privacy aware, SOS system for girls so that the app itself can detect patterns of movement and raise a distress signal to their trusted family members.

Our goal is to release simple functional app that can 

    - Let girls assign their Family/Friends from their contact list as guardian angel(s).

    - Detect patterns of movement and raise a distress signal to the Guardians

    - Let girls switch on and off their tracking/visibility based on their preference

    - System auto-magically on loss of signal should message the last know location to the Guardian

    - Let the Guardian raise an SOS to the Guardee's closest police station in case of emergency

    - Let the user raise an SOS signal by shaking the phone or banging the phone 3 times (This is similar to the way modern phones reject phone calls when you laydown the phone backwards)

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