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India By Number(IBN) is a one stop solution for data journalist, researcher, social activist who are interested in exploring data and getting a story out of it. IBN mostly focus on public data related to Indian context interms of agriculture, finance, employment, healthcare, industrial development, environmental data and so on. 

Anyone who is interested in accessing and exploring these data then they can use IBN as a platform to analyse and visualize the data to get the hidden insights. There are various visualization tools are added to IBN to see the data in a more graphical manner which makes the entire analysis process more interactive. After getting insights from the data you can download the graphs in various formats and also can share it with other social medias.


The goal of our work is to make  the important public data accessible and understandable.

Our goal is to release a platform where any data enthusiastic person can

    - A large collection of cleaned data related with India.

    - Access the data and get insights out of this.

    - Adding various visualization tool to get better insights.

    - Adding various metrics to show data in a more granular manner to get better insights.

    - Whatever insights you get, download it in the forms of images so that i can be sharable.

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