What is HackForChange & why you should join it.

Thu, 24th Feb, 2022
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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the HackForChange blog. In this blog we invite you to not read but also join us in this initiative of creating something unique for the society using technology.

We believe that technology can be used in a benevolent manner.

No! Hack For Change (HFC) is not a company or a startup working towards generating profits. We are a community. A community of Social Organizations, Funding organizations and other active Coders, Designers, Promoters interested in solving some of the pressing issues in India using technology.

HFC is designed in a way to discover problems, design and build solutions in a step by step controlled manner. Our mission is to minimize throwaway solutions and scale and build solutions through continued community efforts.

Why HackForChange?

HackForChange is designed as a platform to leverage technology and community to build solutions for some of the pressing problems in India.

Systemic Changes

  • Our primary focus is on systemic changes for empowerment rather than short-term, stop gap solutions.

Build solutions collaboratively

  • By enabling the community itself to come together and work on solving important issues, we hope to collectively build a better and brighter India

Lean on the shoulders of giants

  • Other social and governmental organizations are engaged to actively participate in the solutioning process, without which tech driven solutions are rendered superficial.

Technology, Right Lever For Social Change

  • Technology-driven systemic solutions are 100x more impactful compared to investing in short term charity.

How can you join ?

As a community driven effort we are looking for support to discover, build and sustain our mission. We are looking for support to manage our own community building efforts and also ways to ensure continuous solutioning and community involvement.

Join our community of social organizations, funding organizations and other active contributors who are interested in solving some of the pressing issues in India using technology.

You can be our Partner

Help us understand pressing issues that India faces today and channel our energies towards building meaningful solutions.

We are inviting social, governmental and non-governmental organizations alike with deep domain expertise to suggest meaningful problem statements that can be solved using modern technologies.

We actively encourage the organizations suggesting the problem statements and other similar organizations to adopt solutions built by the Hack For Change community and encourage every citizen to use and benefit.

You can be a Contributor 

Both working and non-working professionals across design, development, marketing and management are requested to help us plan, build, launch and promote solutions.

Working professionals with 5+ years of experience in technology, design and project management are requested to mentor and work with the project coordinators, to guide and build solutions through community efforts.

We are looking for developers, designers, marketers and management professionals and even students to join our solution building efforts of coding, designing and promoting social projects  either by joining a city chapter or a college level center.

You can be a Sponsor

Funding organizations are requested to evaluate the efficacy of our solutions and help us further plan and execute the same.

Large organizations, with deep Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors are invited to sponsor and adopt our projects, so that problem statements suggested by social organizations are converted into meaningful solutions.

After the initial launch of a particular solution, continuous efforts are involved to improve, maintain and promote solutions. Various part time contributors across cities are encouraged through such sponsorship.


We are moving at an exponential rate towards a technologically booming society. In no manner can we leave any section of the society behind in this journey.  

We are certain you would find your fit in one of the above mentioned roles where you can contribute immensely. And no worries if you are not so sure, we are right here to help you.

We thus invite you to join us and let us all together build a society where technology is used for good and for all. Thank you.

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