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Guria India's awareness and empowerment campaigns are organized across 500 different villages and around 20 to 30 women per village. On a regular basis they face problems with scaling their efforts using one to one conferencing solutions like Zoom and Google Meet. 

Also given the poor connectivity of the villages and smartphone affordability as well, technology that help them co-ordinate these campaigns/training sessions in a better way would help to scale their mission in a better way.


Create a hardware solution similar to the high end conferencing solutions that can help volunteers on the ground to co-ordinate an interactive presentation between the villagers and the subject matter experts.

Hence we are building a portable device with capabilities of a computer, in-built projector and audio equipment which caters to a crowd of 50 people.

By doing this our goals are to:

1. Increase in Public Awareness: Effective public awareness and outreach efforts can lead to the detection of human trafficking cases, build public support for governments and communities to act, and ultimately help prevent human trafficking.

2. Increase Engagement: Regular meetings and training sessions can be conducted to spread an understanding of human trafficking into the vulnerable families and communities creating strong disciplined women's’ groups / vigilance committees which prevents further trafficking.

3. Rapid Help for Survivors: Victims and survivors can get psychological as well as medical help, education and necessary support using this project faster thus improving their quality of life.

4. Skill Development Using Technology: Victim Empowerment training can be done using this project which will help in reducing cost of skill development and will enable to conduct a range of skill development sessions.

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