Open Governance

Open governance is key to improve the quality of governance as well as improving the transparency and trust of the masses on Government activities.

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Open Governance is on similar lines of open source software and projects whereby people participate in various activities of the government.

Open governance further adheres to democratic principles to enable any interested citizen to add to the creation of policy, Legislation is democratically opened to the general citizenry, employing their collective wisdom to benefit the decision-making process and improve democracy

Open data is one of the section of Open governance. Open data helps in better governance which is crucial for any region.

Open Governance increases transparency, accountability, collaboration, citizen participation, better governance, decision making and innovation.

Open Governance in Indian Context

An open government is 

It provides information and data about its actions, budgets and performance.

It  is accountable to society and responsive to citizen’s needs

fosters the traceability of public decisions, allowing continuous and adequate social control by citizens, improving public management.

Inclusive and participatory:
Allows citizens to be involved in the formulation, implementation and follow up of public policies.

Technology and Open Governance

There are various sites by the Indian government or based on data provided by the Indian govt available for the public Technology can be useful in making the data interactive and improving governance.

The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, Natural language processing as well as simply creating and providing better platforms and technologies available for the general public can be highly beneficial.

Problem Statements

Design a way for people to better access parliamentary question and answer proceedings

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha websites are great sources of information, but this information is very poorly presented and is not very user friendly. Most of the question and answers …


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