Social Empowerment

Social empowerment is when whole society comes together with all its skills, values and knowledge, to improve the quality of life of the whole community.

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Social Empowerment means all the sections of society in India, have equal control over their lives, are able to take important decisions in their lives, and have equal opportunities. Without empowering all sections of society equally, a nation can never have a good growth trajectory.

Empowering citizens takes many forms. For simple understanding. social empowerment is divided into Economic Empowerment, Cultural Empowerment, Societal Empowerment, National Empowerment and Political Empowerment.

Social Empowerment in Indian Context

Social empowerment is typically implemented at the four following levels:

(1) the individual level - where the person values him/herself and actively wants to participate in life,

(2) family level,

(3) community level and

(4) social policies level impacting local and national level actions to promote social equity and inclusion of all persons.

Various Government schemes as well as work of other NGOs help in empowering the society.

Technology and Social Empowerment

Technology can be a major constraint at times.

With digitalization government schemes can not only reach wider section of the population and make them more aware but also improve the implementation ease and quality. This way maximum people can benefit from the programme.

Building newer technological solutions can reduce the unfair practices that a society becomes victim of and bring solutions to problems that were earlier not tackled.

Technological solutions are vital and will play a key role in bring out best from the whole society and empower them.

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Problem Statements

Create a way for well-intended funding organizations to channel their contributions towards the rightful fund seekers in a transparent and compliant way.

Building a platform to transparently connect and channel CSR money would transform the way social and non-profit organizations approach their sustainability.

Non profits in India today struggle to raise enough donations and get interested people to come and help them.

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