Women Empowerment

Women empowerment aims at raising the status of women whereby they are equipped to make decisions on their own and live a happy, healthy life.

Our Partners in Women Empowerment

  • Center For Technology And Social Change
  • Factly


  • Skill empowerment - Provide education, awareness and training.
  • Protection- Improve security be it physical or mental.
  • Employment - Provide and facilitate equal work opportunities to make women economically empowered.
  • Health - improve health mental or physical via training, technology or other developments.

Women Empowerment in Indian Context

  • Bringing awareness of various laws and facilities as well as policies for the protection of women.

  • Encouraging and providing empowerment to women even in the village and semi-urban cities of India.

  • Improving education and health facilities for women.

Technology and Women Empowerment

  • Women themselves can empower by learning various technology .

  • Providing services, products which can help women's development in all sections which can help women's development in all sections.

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Problem Statements

Provide a way to help women to move freely without constant security concerns.

Idea is to find a technology driven solution, that can help women to feel secure and move around freely. As we understand various apps have implemented ways to send a …


Create a low-cost training/conferencing device to easily engage ground level activists and other volunteer teams

Guria India's awareness and empowerment campaigns are organized across 500 different villages and around 20 to 30 women per village. On a regular basis they face problems with scaling their …

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